Big 5 Casino Game When a person is looking to play a casino game online they should check out the Big 5 Casino game. This game will allow a person to chance to have fun and be entertained. They will also have the chance to win money.

The Big 5 Casino game has three reels and one big pay line. This is a video slot machine game that can be played from the home computer or another smart device with access to the internet. A player can be anywhere from one coin which equals 25 cents all the way to 3 coins which equal a $15 dollar bet. The more money the playing is willing to wager the more money they has the potential of winning.

When a player is looking to win the maximum payment they should play at the maximum bet of 3 coins per spin. ToBig 5 Casino Game some people, this may sound like a lot but it will allow them to win the most money. If the three lion symbols all appear on the pay line a person can win a lot of money. They can win up to $2,400 for that one spin.

In addition to the lion symbols, this game has some classic slot machine icons as well. There are cherries, bars, and to make this game even more exciting there are some other jungle animals as well. This will keep the game interesting and appealing to the player. This game goes back to basics but is still a lot of play. Three in a row will allow a player to win big.

The Big 5 slot game will give the player a chance to win some money while having fun. This game is easy to understand and easy to follow along. When a person is looking for some great slot fun that is not overly complicated Big 5 slot game is the best game to play.